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Our World – Seen on the Trail

One of the popular tags on the video sharing app, Instagram, is #SeenontheTrail which features photos of what people see while hiking, running, bicycling, horseback riding or whatever on a trail.

Turkey Mountain Trail 1-1-Edit

A good example of is the trail itself. I just cannot resist a single track trail like this. I have to know where it goes, and even though in this example at Tulsa Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Park, where I know where it goes and have been on it a lot, I still feel compelled to get on it and go.

Turkey Mountain Tree Bark-1-Edit

I take lots of pic of trees, their leaves, and their bark. I am a lousy outdoorsman because I don’t know what too many of the trees are. My father, the Forest Ranger could tell at a glance all about trees and what kind they are and what they are used for. It was great listening to him but not much soaked in.


And here is what’s left of Turkey Mountain’s “Oklahoma Rock.” It used to be standing up and was a great place to take people for photographs and such. Vandals have done a pretty good job of breaking it. I hate vandals. Southeast and southwest Oklahoma are broken off. That’s my glove that I put on the rock to provide a sense of scale.

So that is what I have seen my trails lately, what about you?

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