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Shadow Shot Sunday – Downtown Tulsa Shadows


Autumn is here and some of the trees are changing colors. We are several weeks behind friends in Colorado and elsewhere higher and further north.


There is still lots of green. I love this ramada at Guthrie Green just north of downtown. Nice and shady in the summer and sunny in the winter when all the leaves fall off.


Our downtown Library is reopening after a three year renovation. I’ll be going there later today to check it out. Solar heating, rainwater collection systems, revamped heating and air,  a 3D printer, enhanced technology. I haven’t heard anything about books. Do libraries still have books? You can depend on me to let you know.

I’m linking with Shadow Shot Sunday (even though it is Saturday). Sunday will be here soon enough.

Shadow Shot Sunday – The Gardens of Philbrook


I spent part of my day off Friday roaming around the Philbrook Museum of Art Gardens there are lots of shadows there. One of my favorite trees is above. It has a very long branch that snakes horizontally and then splits. It makes for a great shadow.


There is a bridge across a creek that makes a great shadow also.


American Hippo by John Kearney

There is this car bumper sculpture of a hippo. For this I used the “In Camera HDR” function on my Nikon. I had an “aha moment” while working in the gardens on how it is supposed to work. This sculpture was kind of lost in the shadows and the HDR was able to pull it out so we can see it.


“Negative Tree” by Menashe Kadishman

This is one of my favorite sculptures in the Philbrook Gardens but it is a bear to photograph on the shady side which is what I wanted to do because I wanted to put a real tree inside the negative space. The HDR function has maybe five settings so what the heck, lets max it out and I did. Maybe next time I’ll back it off a little bit. Maybe not though. Moderation in all things is itself excessive is what I say. Plus I can honestly say that this is SOOC.  I am not sure that means much in this day of super capable cameras. 

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Downtown Tulsa Sun, Shadows, and Color

Downtown Fall Color Impressions Van Gogh II 55pct

True confessions I used Topaz Impressions Van Gogh Filter on this backed off to 55%

I love the light this time of year and the Fall color. I found a tree still somewhat conflicted about Autumn. I love the conflict and I also love how the sun and shadows work together. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

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Shadows and Reflections


It was colder than you know what today and the windy was up but I bundled up and went on a walk today. The sky was clear and I was enjoying the sun. My employer has a new plaza in front of the building and I love it. It replaced a lot of odd 1980’s planters and design features with and open concept area with shade and seating areas with interesting shadows. See the light areas above? They are supposed to look like natural gas flames like on a stove or a gas light. Yeah, I know you gotta use your imagination. Since I work for a gas company I think that it is a nice touch. Too bad they don’t have some gas fireplaces out there.


I went to the north end of downtown. I like the reflections of our all glass city hall on the back of the performing arts center. It gave the the all beige concrete exterior a little “liquidy” look. Liquidy is a word in Oklahoma, just so you know.


This is our brand new state of the art drunk driver proof fountain at Bartlett Square.  You know the Bartlett Square with the Circle Drive (or roundabout, my British readers may say). It is all so confusing to me. It must be confusing to drunk drivers also because our two previous conventional fountains got totalled by the drunks ramming into them at night. This new one has a low profile so they can drive right over it plus it has flashing lights. We cater to our drunks here in Oklahoma.

You can see how cold it is. At high noon there is still a lot of ice around the fountain.

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