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Tulsa Sign Abatement Training


I got up early Saturday morning and attended volunteer training put on the by City of Tulsa for those citizens who want to help the city control temporary signs on city streets. Tulsa has regulations for such signs and they are wanting help for the one city employee who does that. That guy was the one doing the training and he was very engaging during his two hour talk.


They don’t really want volunteers pulling signs such as these. They may or may not be legal as it is possible that they could have a permit plus there is a due process where business owners can appeal. They want us volunteers solving problems not creating them. So if we have questions we are to take a photo of the sign and send it to the city employee and he will deal with it. We are not engage business owners or individuals, leave that up to city employees.

They also do not want us messing with signs inside neighborhoods. The main emphasis is going to be the “litter on a stick” signs on main thoroughfares not associated with nearby businesses. You have seen those signs advertising lawn mowing, leaf raking, and such. He talked about signs posted near schools advertising “Now hiring students” with no business name or description just a phone number. He said sometimes those are entries into human trafficking for witless teenagers.

He also emphasized discretion, so please don’t pull signs posted by people who have lost pets and other such things. “If in doubt, leave it out” is to be our motto. And he talked about political signs. Close to election time lots of candidates will be putting their little crap signs out on the rights of way and medians. He said we can pull those but we can’t just pull them for candidates we don’t like, we have to pull everybody’s signs.

So anyway the next step is that we pass the background check and get issued city ID’s, reflective vests, gloves,  and then we get to start. So I am king of looking forward to helping clean up our city of “litter on sticks.” In the meantime I am driving Heather crazy as we drive the city streets. I am saying that’s legal, legal, not legal, etc

The Debate


I don’t know about you but the debate gave me a headache.  The Dallas Cowboys won Sunday night though. I’m glad I didn’t join any of the drinking games associated with the debate. I feel that I wasted my time watching it.

Signs, Signs – The Lululemon Ladies and their Signs

LuluLemon Ladies

Sorry, I’ve already posted this pic on Instagram and Facebook.

The women (and the occasional guy) of the local Lululemon clothing store really go all out on race days and cheer people on during the local runs and we runners love them. I even love the two people updating their facebook status. Or maybe snapchat, like “This really old, fat, ugly thinks he’s a runner dude come by, it would be funny if he weren’t so gross.”


Here they are during a cold Route 66 Marathon a couple years ago.


And the token Lululemon guy.


And the Lululemon kids


And this is the first time I saw them, at the 2012 Route 66 Half marathon. I didn’t know who they were back then but I loved the signs. This is the only pic that I have ever had go halfway viral. I posted it on the race facebook site and it was seen by thousands of people. My favorite signs were “You’re the Sh*t” and “Go Random Stranger Go!!!” I’m sure that they got discussed. You know the old corporate “Do you really think that that is the image we should be sending out there about what we are about.” You fellow corporate drones will surely recognize that. I kind of hope that the the Local Lululemon Ladies (and guy) pull them out of the closet for the next race. But if they don’t, that is okay.

I can’t afford their clothes but I love their signs.

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Abandonment – II

Abandoned Gas Station

Monday, after work I took Logan to his voice lessons. The studio is in an old strip shopping center and I like to walk around rather than sit in the waiting space. Last week I featured a recently abandoned Shell Station at the center. Well guess what, there is another abandoned Gas Station a couple hundred yards south of the Shell Station. I think it has been boarded up ten years or so. I forget what chain had the site.

They left their old sign up and I always get a chuckle out of it.

Abandoned Gas Station Sign

Since the station went out of business the prices listed have sometimes seemed like a huge bargain or a big ripoff. Right now they are just a moderately good deal.

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