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Skywatch Friday – Countryside Skies

Porter Skies Adjust Restyle

Last Saturday we went drove out to country to fetch peaches. We parked across the street from the fruit stand and I just had to take a photo of the view with the blue sky and big ole fluffy clouds. Everybody in the city needs to get out in the country every now and then just to see what things look like without powerlines.

When was the last time you were out in the country?

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Skywatch Friday – RWD Water Tower

Water Tower RWD  edit

Sunday afternoon I dropped Logan off at his friends house out in the middle of nowhere and then took off across the countryside geocaching and picture taking. Many places out in the country here have Rural Water Districts that provide water for the residences which is nice so you don’t have depend on well water. You will see water towers like this one scattered across the countryside on hill tops.

I didn’t find many geocaches but I got to get out in the countryside and that made everything okay. Its all good!

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