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Skywatch Friday – Boys Night Out on the Deck


Once a month, my wife has her book group, and for the last nineteen years or so Logan and I have “Boys Night Out” where we go out and get bite and then go do something depending on our mood. This past Tuesday was our evening and we went to a restaurant here in Tulsa overlooking the Arkansas River.


The air was cool and the sun was warm and the view sublime. Service was kind of slow but we didn’t care we talked about a wide range of topics. Everything from Logan’s school to Article 13 that passed in Europe this week and everything in between and beyond.


When we started the sun was high, when we left it was getting dark.


Did we go home? Nope, time for some ice cream at a funky ice cream joint downtown.


It was Viennese Coffee and Vegan Coffee for him and Peanut Butter Curry and Marshall’s Stout for me. And more conversation for both of us.

Then we went home!

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