Shadowy Washington Irving

191 years ago Washington Irving camped on the bank of the Arkansas River south of what is now Tulsa. There is now a an eponymous park on the river commemorating his stop.

Washington Irving Sculpture

He was resting in the sun when we checked on him.

The nearby Harmony Bridge has lots of fun things including this musical instrument.

I played a tune, just for you. (Never had a lesson!!)

I am linking with Shadow Shot Sunday.

13 thoughts on “Shadowy Washington Irving

  1. Alana

    Interesting shadow and statue. I haven’t even explored Washington Irving in his native New York State (I grew up about 20 miles from Sleepy Hollow so shame on me) and it would truly be an adventure to find he has a small park in Oklahoma.

  2. Lisa

    You never had a lesson? You are a natural! Nice shadows. And a perfect person to represent shadowy figures. So, camp on a river bank and the town claims you as one of their own!

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