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Skywatch Friday – Beach House

Beach House HDR with Clouds

Workmen were busy framing this house that was right next to our condo during out stay in southern Alabama during our recent vacation. Something about it really attracted me. I love watching construction and so I could kind of see what the guys were doing while we were doing my beach thing. All day long we could hear saws, hammers, nailguns and such. I loved it. I’m just wondering who is going to be able to afford such a house. It may look small in the photograph but it really is huge.

Skywatch Friday

Water World Wednesday – At the Beach


We were on vacation last week on the Alabama coast. The coast means beach and the beach means water, lots of water. I had some waterproof recyclable cameras and I took them out in the water. They are not as good as digital cameras but they took a good soaking and kept on going. And to be truthful I like the timeless look that some of them like the above have.


I could fearlessly hold the cameras just a few inches off the water. I have a “waterproof” camera also but I would never risk it. Sorry, I’m an engineer and I don’t care how good the seals and gaskets are, they will fail at some point.


I beg your pardon for the selfie. And no, I wasn’t drunk. ¬†After getting a gouge taken out of my forehead this year I’m in a high spf mode these days, note the big hat and the technical shirt which worked great in the water. I didn’t feel weighed down or uncomfortable at all.


Well, this is more like it. Heather and I really like the beach.


Another pic of son, He is a great swimmer and is like a fish. We’ve been taking him to the beach for years.

Water World Wednesday