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Woolaroc Skywatch

Woolaroc Sky Impressions Swirly Strokes I 47pct

The suddenly camera shy wife and kid off to the left. Note that painted look is because I used Topaz Labs Impressions software on the image. I backed it off about 50% on the strength of the effect.

More from our family trip to Woolaroc last weekend. We left Tulsa and it was all warm and everything and by the time we got to Woolaroc about an hour later it was chilly and windy but we had an interesting sky so it was all worth it.

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Saturday’s Critters – Trumpeter Swan

Lafortune park Goose - Topaz Impressions Van Gogh I

A goose Trumpeter Swan I encountered Wednesday night. He was very cooperative and even posed for me. When I got a little closer he decided he had enough and waddled off into the water. Telling me to back off the whole time.

Thanks to my friends DrillerAA and EGCamera girl for setting me straight on what species this is.

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Skywatch Friday – Zoi Trail

Zoi Trail Fall Woods Skywatch

Processed with Topaz Labs Impressions


I cheated a little bit today. I went back to last Fall to find my photograph for SWF. This is a scene on Turkey Mountain’s new Zoi trail. I am not cool enough to know what “Zoi” means but it is a nice trail that doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic mainly because you have to hunt a little bit to find it.  It is one of the few places on Turkey Mountain where I have seen deer in the last year or so.

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A Very Patient Brother in Yellow

My brother Bob left this morning to head back to Corpus Christi. We had a great time while he was here. We Thanksgiving together, ran in a race, went hiking and geocaching, watched a couple of football games, and had a few beers.


He’s a patient guy. Maybe too patient. I was telling him that he needs to check my blog from time to time just to see what I say about him. He says he isn’t worried about it. So as he was leaving I said, “Hey Bob, since you are wearing yellow get under the tree.” He did so I decided to see what I could do with it.

Bob in Yellow

So I ran it through Topaz Impressions and decided on this. I don’t know I think he’ll have to come back next year with the yellow shirt.

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Weekend Reflections – Woodward Park

Woodward Park Pond

A freezing Friday morning in Tulsa’s beautiful Woodward Park. I am continuing to experiment with the Topaz Impressions filters. This particular filter is called “Oil Painting III.”

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