Obama McCain Loyalty Quizzes

Lots of conflict this election year. Oklahoma is a lost cause for Obama but he is spending money here and there are a lot of yard signs in this neighborhood. I though yard signs for Democratic candidates were banned by the neighborhood bylaws.

I cannot decide which way to go. I like McCain very much. I don’t know why he picked such an inexperienced, mean spirited person for VP.

I don’t think Obama is the devil. I cannot figure out what he saw in Jeremiah Wright. There are several things that I don’t agree with my pastor on several issues but we have the same world view. He wouldn’t be my pastor otherwise.

To help me figure this out I took a couple of loyalty quizzes. Try one or both. Let me know your results!



My Obama result:

Your score is 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. You are conflicted about Barack Obama. While you agree with most of what he says and at times find him inspiring, you question whether he has the testicular fortitude to fight off his opponents. You also think he’ll be in for a rude rendezvous with reality when he tries to bring his hope agenda to Washington. But compared to the competition, you think he still might be the best bet.

My McCain result:

Your score is 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. You are an enthusiastic supporter of John McCain. You like his independent streak and the fact that he’s willing to buck the party line to do what’s right. And what is right is to do whatever it takes to keep those gun-grabbing, stem cell-sucking, values-perverting, MoveOn.org-genuflecting liberal defeatocrats out of the White House.

Can I split my vote? McCain for Pres, Biden for VP?

3 thoughts on “Obama McCain Loyalty Quizzes

  1. Baloney

    No surprise here –
    1 for Obama
    5 for McCain
    Just goes to show that I’ll be voting for McCain due to my thought of “lesser of 2 evils”
    I’m just having trouble being excited about what either candidate stands for.
    And I really love Huckabee. I’m ultra conservative at heart. Much more than anyone else in my family ever was.

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