No Northern Lights for Me!!

Our family flat out missed the northern lights extravaganza last week. We tried but there was too much light here. I had lots of photos from our backyard to the northern sky but none of them showed anything. Oh well, I think there was just too much ambient light to show anything.

I launched my drone and I got some late sunset photos. The drone’s controller was squawking at me the whole time about not enough light, blah, blah, blah. I thought we were masters of our technology but it seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. So the above is the sky to our west.

And this is to the northwest. Waayyy too much light.

We have had lots of weather here. Here is a storm cloud to the east from our gym parking lot. Generally we don’t have to worry about the storm when it is to the east but we do worry about the people who are in its path.

After we went home I launched the drone. It was kind of windy and the drone controller was telling me to get it back because the wind is about to carry it off. That has only happened to me once and I had to do the mission abort thing. It worked it brought the drone back home back against a strong wind. It is almost panic inducing. Anyway, turns out that the storm under the clouds was just rain, no rotation, no damage. Which is good.

So I was hoping for some northern light photos. I saw lots on social media and I feel kind of left out. Some wags who also didn’t have any luck posted their plain pics with some colors obviously added. I thought that was funny the first couple hundred times I saw it.

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Tired on the Trails – Work Day on Turkey Mountain

Last Saturday a good sized group got together early on Turkey Mountain here in Tusla for a work day. On the agenda was lots of lopping of trees and shrubs along the trail and for the hale and hearty guys and gals some heavy duty dirt work. The Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition and the RiverParks Authority were over the project.

(Note: TUWC photo from their facebook site.)

Me and two others grabbed loppers and headed out to our designated trails. It was hard work especially as the day warmed up and humidity rose.

We ended up lopping on over three miles of trail. Everybody else was tired and satisfied with the work they had done. It was a good day on the mountain.

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Shadow Shot Sunday

Searching for Northern Lights

Here’s me trying to get a shot of the northern lights and failing miserably. I think I was the only one I know who did not get a shot of them.

I even launched my drone. I got some decent sky photos but no Nothern Lights. And I got some shadows on our back patio when I turned downward.

Here’s shady part of the trails on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain.

And these day lillies are casting a shadow on a tree trunk.

Get see other shadows at Shadow Shot Sunday.

Saturday’s Critters – Trailcam Madness

I had the trailcam out for quite a while. I have hundreds of videos and stills showing the feeder blowing back and forth in the wind. Here is a mob of birds.


And a couple of doves swooping in to an empty feeder.

And some old retired guy with a funny hat mowing his yard.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!!

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Skywatch Friday – Biking in Bixby

Monday I went on a bike ride. I wanted to check out a new (to me) bike trail Bixby put in.

The new trail section didn’t have a trailhead with parking or anything. It starts at a neighborhood entrance with no parking anything so I went into the neighborhood and parked at their association play park and swimming pool just so I wouldn’t be in anybody’s way.

So I rode 15 miles on Bixby’s bike trail system. It’s oriented three segments: northeast, northwest and southern. The new leg is the northeast segment. I started at the very northern end and moved over to the northwest and then backtracked down to do the southern segment. I’ve been on the northwest and southern segments several times before.

The northeast segment cuts in behind a subdivsion and a grass farm. Bixby grows a lot of grass sod. There is less of it all the time because the farmers are selling out to builders who are building lots of subdivisions.

The bike path goes close to several strip shopping centers.

Much of it is in big spacious green belts bordering creeks and drainage ditches.

Here is the very northern end of the northwest leg. Somebody had mowed a path through the grass so I had to go check it out.

End of the Trail

It looks like a homeowner put a gate in on his back fence and uses his mown path to access the trail. I’m hoping that Bixby and Tulsa get together and connect Bixby’s trail system with Tulsa extensive system. They only have two miles to go.

The southern leg goes in back of Joe’s Farm. The last truck farm in Bixby. It’s an amazing place and they do a great business.

The southern leg goes by the Bixby Police Department gun range. I’ve been by when they are shooting with their AR15 type rifles. They are not loud. They make an airy pew, pew, pew sound.

And then we are into Washington Irving Park.

I revisited Mr. Irving. He camped overnight here on October 12, 1832 during his tour of Oklahoma accompanied by U.S. Rangers back then. He wrote “A Tour on the Prairies” about his travels.

We have had rain so the river is up but not near flooding.

There is a map of the Arkansas River set in concrete. It is a really long river. It originates in the Rocky Mountains near Leadville, Colorado which is only 85 miles from where my sister lives in Colorado Springs.

The old bridge across the Arkansas is now a pedestrian bridge called the Harmony Bridge. A fun area with seating, shade, and entertaining things for kids and childish adults, like me, to do.

And the turn around is this cool play park.

And doubling back to the car, this was my only stop. On Harmony Bridge looking upriver.

So that was my fun little adventure.

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My World – Mall Walking

We have had some rainy weather here in Tulsa lately. To get some exercise I like to use sustainable trails but I hate getting wet so I went mall walking. Nothing more sustainable than that.

I love carousels. I’ve been taking photos of this for years.

One thing I noticed is that the mall has gotten rid of a bunch of kiosks. Fine by me. They started appearing back in the 90’s and they transformed the spaces from being light and airy to a feeling of being all closed in. Plus some of the vendors were too aggressive. I hate that. I understand the rents were sky high and they had to get a pay out. Anyway, most of the kiosks are gone and I love it. They do have things on display though. Fine with me. Anybody want a golf cart.

I love how department stores arrange their merchandise. At least the good department stores. I loved this colorful display.

Tesla has a car on display. I love taking photos of Teslas and posting them on car groups on facebook. Most of those people hate Teslas and go on and on about how terrible they are, and I laugh and laugh at them. I don’t have an opinion on Teslas. I am not convinced that I need an electric vehicle yet. I’d sure look into a plug-in hybrid for my next car.

We finally have a lego store!! I love lego stores.

I love fiesta ware also. Great thing about stores is that I can enjoy looking at their products without having to take them home.

I love Psychobunny merchandise. The thing is that it is never on sale. Every once in while I see some of their stuff on steep discount at Nordstrom Rack.

I love Thomas the Tank Engine stuff also. We have a whole bunch up in the attic. When Logan was a little kid he played with it a lot. I played with it a lot more. I’m saving it for my dotage years.

I ended my mall walk in the parking lot. This was parked next to me. I love it.

About an hour, two plus miles, stayed dry. Didn’t buy anything. Nice mall walk. Make fun of me if you want. I don’t care.

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Aerial Shadows of Tulsa

A drone shot at about 50 meters over the back yard showing the shadows from the fence and trees and on the west side of roofs. The orange square is my takeoff and landing pad. So I am somewhere on the patio next to the landing pad.

View looking west where from the same spot. Maybe 10 meters lower. Showing my neighbors shadows from their trees and fence lines.

And from another day a droneselfie of the drone pilot sporting his brand new Dallas Cowboys hat.

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Pelicans on the Arkansas River


I took a bike ride on Tulsa’s RiverParks trails alongside the Arkansas River. There were lots of pelicans out and about that day.


Some standing on a sandbar preening themselves.


Others jostling for position just downstream of Zink Dam.


They are such funny looking creatures except when they fly. Then they are very graceful.


Sorry for the fuzzy closeup.

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