Sunday Morning Run on Turkey Mountain

Sunday Morning Run - Brian Hoover photo(Photo by Brian Hoover. I hope that he doesn’t sue me.)

I ran the trails of Turkey Mountain with a new group of people this morning.  It was dark and cold at 7 am but hey there was a fire waiting for us. We were promised three or four mils but we got five. I like that getting more than what you bargained for. Most of the time anyway.


Above is Brian checking out a possible homeless camp on the mountain. It was a tipi looking structure with a blue tarp. Nobody home he reported.

We stayed pretty much at it the whole run. We ran a short loop of about 0.85 miles on the red trail to begin with and then regrouped in the parking lot and off we went again. I was on the slow group which was about all I could handle.


It was a great workout Running by myself I get a little lazy. A group takes you out of the laziness.

We ran right at 4.99 miles. I cheated and walked around a little bit at the end to make it an even 5. I cheat a lot but you guys already know that if you know me.

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