Another Christmas in the Books

Christmas 2014 is winding down.  Ours was a low key affair. Just our family of three and Nana, the world’s greatest Mother-In-Law.


We slept in and checked out our Santa gifts and then just chilled out with coffee.


Logan stayed in his pajamas all day. He deserved it. He had a very successful first semester in his new school with amped up academics compared to his old school.  So, what the heck. Stay in your pj’s all day Logan.


Nana came over with her two dogs and we exchanged gifts. No big expensive items this year. I got two more cameras. I think have more cameras than anyone I know. One was a sports camera kind of like a Go Pro. Hopefully more on that later.  The other is a Fuji Instant Camera kind of like the old Polaroids. It is a hot item among teen age girls and me. It makes very small low fi pics and if you know me, that is right up my alley. Here are a few examples.

Fujifilm Instamax Collage

We didn’t smoke a turkey. Heather made a breakfast casserole. Lots less fuss. We thought a lot about our family elsewhere. My family was in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Colorado Springs, and Wisconsin. Heather had family in western Oklahoma and north central Texas. We also thought about family members who are not around any longer.


The pets always provide a little comic relief. They always have that look like “what is going on/”


I promise you, somewhere under all the lettuce, and other veggies are some world class enchiladas.



Later in the evening we moved the show to Nana’s house. Heather made New Mexican style flat enchiladas with green chile sauce and of course an egg on top. They are kind of like regular enchiladas except not rolled up and are very good. It was a big treat when I was a kid. And of course they come with a fried egg on top. We finished off the evening with a fierce game of Farkle. I mouth off a lot during such games and enjoy other people trying to get their revenge.

Anyways, this Christmas went pretty well. How was yours? I want to know. Also, have you ever had flat enchiladas?

5 thoughts on “Another Christmas in the Books

  1. DeniseinVA

    Great photos of a fun day! I have never had a flat enchilada but it looks delicious! We had a relatively quiet day also, just the six of us but a great time. Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding in our house.

  2. Hootin' Anni

    With those gingerbread men in the top photo…I have one question. Got Milk?

    Your day sounds PERFECT to me. Low key is best in my opinion. And staying in pjs all day is another way to enjoy the special day. Yes, indeed. Logan is my kinda guy.

    Now, on with those enchiladas….YUM!!! And since you don’t have any milk to go with the cookies, I’ll take a Coors Light with the ‘ladas.

  3. Gaelyn

    I was like Logan and spent Christmas eve in my pajamas. Went hiking yesterday. How fun to have two new that act like old cameras to play with. I assume those are gluten free enchiladas. They look yummy.

  4. Ellen

    There’s nothing better than flat enchiladas. I am definitely switching to the low key meal next year. I got a little frustrated spending so much time in the kitchen on Christmas day when everyone else was enjoying a relaxing day. I think Dad was very happy to be able to host his friends for Christmas dinner though, next year it will also be flat enchiladas with green chili sauce and a fried egg on top. Sounds so delicious that I might go home and make it tonight!

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