Monday Meandering in the Heat


Son likes to shop for used video games at a place named Vintage Stock. They have several stores in the Tulsa area. They sell not only video games but new and used DVD movies and CD’s. I don’t mind the place, they know Logan and treat him well and I like to head over to Sun and Ski and look at all the outdoor gear and bicycles that I can’t afford. They treat me well also. Anyways, it is in the biggest strip mall in the universe and I like to walk the long ways around instead of shortcutting across a parking lot. Mainly because I don’t like getting run over by wild drives in a parking lot that would do a football stadium proud. (Hold on, there is a point to all this) Anyway in amongst the many empty storefronts (courtesy of online retailers such as Amazon) there are some real businesses including a Japanese restaurant named Shoguns that has decorated their storefront.


Another view of Shogun’s storefront. I like it when a business does more than absolutely necessary.


Son went to a friend’s birthday party so Heather and I had a little us time at a local restaurant. Us time is important.


I’m still sampling beers that I bought in Alabama from our vacation a couple months ago in Alabama.


Our family likes to go to lots of movies. Theaters now have lifesize displays that encourage one to take pictures of family an friends to post on Instagram and Facebook. Free advertising except the displays are huge and complicated and I’m sure they are expensive. The movie pictured above isn’t going to be out until late this year. The green part of me wonders what happens to the cardboard display. Do they recycle it or do they put it in the dumpster out back. I love the new theaters in town that have the reclining seats. No better way to beat the heat than going to the movies in my book.

7 thoughts on “Monday Meandering in the Heat

  1. artmusedog and carol

    Things we do for our children ~ eh? ~ Like hot day shopping ~ lovely photo of an oriental looking place ~ son is handsome and your wife is very pretty ~ You are blessed with a lovely family and they with you ~ ^_^

    ps. thanks for visiting leaving such lovely comments on my blog ~ Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  2. Hootin' Anni

    Truck Stop Beer/Ale! Hmmmm, that’s a new one.
    Love the life size posters at the theater!
    And yes…’us’ time is very important. And what better way to share the time at a nice, quiet restaurant.

  3. Gaelyn

    I haven’t been to a movie theater in decades but can sympathize with mall hanging in your heat and high humidity. Nice that you and Heather get some “you” time.

  4. DrillerAA

    You gotta believe that there are some current “American Pickers” that have an inside track on collecting those movie displays. I saw a huge display in Walmart for the last Fast & Furious movie. I’m sure someone has it at home by now.

  5. Sallie

    Back in the day, theaters used to sell the advertising posters … I think some of them are quite collectible today. Maybe you should see if you could buy these new style ones. Because gosh, you really do need another hobby, right? (Ducking and runnng)…… Eugene has some great craft brewing going on…. And most of the breweries have great food too…. I’m more of a white wine girl, but enjoy the comfort foods with a twist that the breweries offer.

  6. Gattina

    At least you have heat ! In Belgium it’s gone we sit here with pullovers ! It’s ages that I haven’t been to the movies, no film was of great interest !

  7. Janie

    The theatre display is cool with your son front and center. At first I thought he had taken up acting in a serious way since last I checked in!
    The “us time” is definitely important.

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