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Hey after all these years I figured out how to do make a photo with the smooth flowing water look.


It takes a tripod to hold the camera steady, a long focal length, a long exposure time.  I am going to go crazy.


I am about to finish my first photography class. I have been taking pictures for years and little did I know that there is a whole world out there. We have a final assignment where we put 15 pictures out of 21 subjects on a poster board. Wow, actually printing out physical photos. Imagine. Walgreens to the rescue!! One option was photographing “purple” I found a purple truck. I am not claiming any artistic breakthrough but it is purple. Notice that I hid the license plate. I like taking pictures of cars and posting them. I have had car owners tell me that license plate numbers are private information and it is illegal to publish photos of them.  I tell them that I won’t tell anybody that they are the owners of the cars so its okay. They just look at me.


And a large sculpture. In Tulsa where else but the praying hands (what the world calls it) or healing hands (what the alumni prefer to call it). I like the sideways aspect instead of the full on look. It almost looks like one hand and its reflection in a mirror.


So here is my board to present Monday night. You’ve seen some of them.Others are new. I am signing up for the second class. Portraits, journalism, any takers for free portraits. Wife and son have already told me NO WAY.  Oh well.

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16 thoughts on “Flowing Water – Our World

  1. Driller's Place

    Now you know the secret. It’s great, isn’t it? If you very early in the morning or on a very overcast day, you can lower the ISO, increase the f-stop, and increase the exposure to really make things pop. These are very nicely done.

  2. Valerie, Australia

    Another lovely collection of shots Alan. Congrats on the photography class and on your choice of required subjects. That purple car is great and I like your sense of humour! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your generous comments. Glad my blog header brings you a smile (but not sure why?!) – every now and then I think of changing it but the busyness of life seems to step in!

  3. Barb

    Hi Yogi, I’ve taken some classes but not for a long time. I always pick up a couple of tips. However, since I hate carrying the tripod, I’ll never have smooth water shots! I can just see you on your next run with the tripod over your shoulder… I like the movement in the flags, and I also like the focus on that shot under the water one. Are they metal barbells? I went on flickr to see if I could enlarge, but I couldn’t.

  4. islandrambles

    Wow I think your photos and the photo board are amazing! I think you could teach the class and I love the art work photos you put in instagram. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. You have some lovely photos here, I love the flowing waters colors.

  5. Su-sieee! Mac

    I’m not one for taking classes anymore, but you almost made taking a photography class be fun to me. 🙂 The photo fun you must be having with a tripod. That, I’m going to try.

  6. Linja

    Good for you! No, it is not illegal to show a license plate number. Personally I fuzz them out unless it is a vanity plate. But unless you are trespassing, they are considered public information.

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