Shopping with Heather

I guess that I am a little different that some husbands. When Heather goes shopping, I almost always go with her if I can. She is my best friend and I am rarely bored especially with my phone and my various camera and filter apps. So this is a recent trip.


We went to Sprouts. Sprouts used to have these stern signs at the entrance to the store that photography was strictly forbidden. Yeah, you gotta be kidding me man. So I took pics of everything in sight. They don’t have the signs any more but I still take pics of lots of stuff. I love these pears.


And their flowers! I love them also. I was using the Hipstamatic App to take photos. I love Hipstamatic.


And then we went to Steinmart. I found these bears.


And these purse chains.


And these bears!


And these little knick knacks.


I found these shorts. I love them, but I have way too many clothes. Should I go back and get a pair?


I loved this shirt also. Should I get I go back and get this one. The slightest encouragement would cause me to do so. I think Logan has this same shirt. Maybe he will let me borrow his.

Anyway, so much for shopping trip today.

4 thoughts on “Shopping with Heather

  1. Driller's Place

    I’m telling you Yogi, we have way too much in common. I accompany my wife on most of her shopping excursions and my camera on my cell phone becomes my new best friend. Around Christmas some of the images that you see on my blog were captured as part of store displays. Whenever we go to Home Goods I usually go by the luggage and see if there is any really ugly pieces to photograph and share with my facebook friends. Have a blessed week-end and happy shopping.

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Thank goodness, Bill is WAY different from most husbands, because in our family he is much the better shopper! We like to go together too, but I’m the one more likely to be looking for photo ops (although I don’t seem to have quite as much fun as you do!)

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