Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show and Grand National Wedding Cake Competition – 2018


I try and  get to the Tulsa State Fair every year. I don’t go for the rides or the food, or the all the cheesy vendors flaunting their wares. I go for the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition that goes on at the fair only on the first weekend. 


It is the 25th year of the competion and it is directed by Kerry Vincent. A tough and demanding judge. Nice to the amateurs and really snarky with the whiny professionals.


The theme this year is “I am a modern classic.”


This year, like every year, the cakes in the professional division are very well done and very elegant. I am not going  to provide very much more commentary. The cakes speak for themselves.


Traffic jam caused by an interview in the middle of the show.


This is one of my favorites.


I thiought this was spectacular. 


The spray of flowers and bird on top.


The water dripping from  the fountain below.


This is also a favorite. Inspired by John and  Jackie Kennedy.


I loved this one also. A Wedding on the Prairie theme.


And that is a wrap. It is open one more day, tomorrow, Sunday September 30. It opens at ten. It gets very crowded and the later you go on Sunday the bigger chance that some of the competitors have taken their cakes home.

7 thoughts on “Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show and Grand National Wedding Cake Competition – 2018

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  2. Sallie

    I’ve loved your previous cake posts and this one is certainly no exception. Just beautiful work; such talented bakers (and such a sugar rush, just looking at these beauties). Forgot to mention in your post above that I just loved the 4H group with the ‘inverted’ color shirts. Such a cool and subtle way to show kids that they are not limited by old expectations.

  3. Ellen

    Those cakes are amazing. I can’t imagine how much time they must take to decorate. I like the peacock.

  4. Angie

    I never knew there was such a competition. I will have to go on the web somewhere to find out the winner – I am on pins and needles wanting to know. What a wonderful set of pictures – thank you!

  5. Driller's Place

    It’s probably been five years since I was at the fair and visited the Sugar Arts competition. I am definitely putting this on my calendar for next year. This is my favorite part of the fair.

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