Skywatch Friday – Scenes from Kansas

I am punting this week. I reached deep into the archives and searched for “Kansas Skywatch” so this is what I am doing. Why Kansas? I don’t know, Dorothy and Toto were from Kansas maybe. I was in the mood for Sky photos with you know, clouds or a little color. Lately here in Tulsa it has all been either gray skies or nice blue skies.


Here is a Kansas sky with a little color. A little grainy but still, I love the color.

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And this is from Coffeyville, Kansas a few years ago. I stopped for gas and a carnival was going on close by.

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16 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Scenes from Kansas

  1. Eileen Wise

    Hello, lovely variety of sky images. The first two are my favorites. The colors in the second photo are beautiful. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

  2. Carol

    I like all the photos and am very fond of carnival photos – something about a ferris wheel gets to me. I guess it reminds me of childhood and the ferris wheel was my delight.

  3. bill burke

    Nice skies, I love the pink one. I haven’t been on a ferris wheel is decades but they are fun to see other people enjoying them. I’ll stick to taking photos. 🙂

  4. Sallie

    Toto, we’re not in Oklahoma anymore? The last time we spent a winter in Oregon I threatened to take and post a picture of the back of a writing tablet — that uniform blah gray was all I was seeing of the sky. Winter SWF is definitely easier here in Florida.

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