Skywatch Friday – First June 2019 Edition


This is a shot of the electrical transmission substation at Keystone Dam. I don’t know a thing about such facilities but it looks a little old to me. I look at the Dam’s status every day and they haven’t generated any electricity in the few weeks I have been checking up on them.

Heather and I went to the Jimmy Buffett Concert here in Tulsa earlier this week. He put on a great show. Not only was the music good but they displayed huge high definition video of ocean, beach, and sky scenes on the backdrop behind the band. It was kind of mesermerizing. We love the beach and are headed there later this summer as part of our family vacation.


This is from my sister’s property near Colorado Springs during our recent trip there. Colorado never fails for great skies. Check out Ellen’s blog and check out her and husband Irv’s brand new fifth wheel camper.

Your de Tulsa

This is a scene from the the Tour de Tulsa that I did a few weeks ago before all the rain and floods. It was only a 20 mile or so ride. I have another ride coming up Sunday for Tulsa Tough. It is going to be 32 hilly miles. I hope that I am up for it. The furthest I have ridden on my back is 25 and I was okay after it. I’ve learned that on these rides many people don’t really bust a gut, they take it leisurely. That will be me. I am one of the few people who ride them using a big heavy hybrid bike instead of one of the sleek ones. I need one with a big wide seat to, well you know, match my big wide seat. So wish me luck.

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22 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – First June 2019 Edition

  1. Eileen Wise


    The Jimmy Buffet concert sounds great. Love the Colorado sky shot. Good luck on your Tour de Tulsa!

    Thanks for hosting Skywatch. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

  2. Peter B.

    I’ve only been to one Jimmy Buffett concert, but probably the most fun concert I’ve ever been to! Good luck on your upcoming ride!

  3. Alana

    That Colorado sky reminds me of the night I spent in Montana so many years ago. Colorado is also big sky country and you captured it well.

  4. Debbie D.

    Jimmy Buffet must have been great! And the background shots are just the right finishing touch for his music. 🙂 Lovely cloud shot from Colorado. Good luck with your next bike ride. Hope the weather holds up. Thanks for providing the Skywatch Friday link ups. Have a good weekend!

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