ABC Wednesday – W is for …


Wagon Wheel – where son Logan used to take his horseback riding lessons.


Wanted Posters – nope, my photo is not up there.

Battleship MIssouri Pearl Harbor - restyle

Warship – the USS Missouri now anchored at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese surrendered on her deck ending World War II. She was brought out of mothballs and refurbished during the Reagan administration. My brother had the honor of being on the crew when she was christened in San Francisco back then. Hopefully she will have a long retirement in Hawaii.

Water Tower

Water Towers – I love the Hot, Cold, and Warm towers in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.


and Wife!! Here is mine at the grocery store.


And Will Rogers Birthplace – near Oolagah, Oklahoma northeast of Tulsa a ways. One of those great little landmarks that is definitely worth seeing if you happen to visit northeast Oklahoma.

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3 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday – W is for …

  1. Driller's Place

    Great set of images Yogi. I love how you share your life adventures with us and bring a sense of humor to the blog. Love the OU and Oklahoma flag jersey’s. You are absolutely correct, after the age of 60, don’t put off til tomorrow the things that you can do today. Have a blessed week.

  2. Angie

    The water towers are clever!!! But I have to ask – where are you hanging out that you see these Wanted Posters?

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