Flint and Steel 5K Trail Race at New Life Ranch

The Chapel at New Life Ranch

About a week ago my racing friend Paula messaged me asking if I was going to run the Flint and Steel Trail Run. I had never heard of it but thanks to my buddy Mr. Google I found out that it was a fund raiser for New Life Ranch, a summer camp 80 miles east of Tulsa in Ozarks. So I signed up for the 5K race and Saturday made my way over there.

The Awards

The temp was 33 degrees as I left Tulsa and kept getting colder and colder until I got to the camp down in the Flint Valley where it was a brisk 27F. I was a little underdressed but as the sun came up, the wind quit and although the temperature didn’t change much it felt a lot warmer.

The medals.

So I ran with Paula, and her friend Misti, and her husband. When I say run, well I guess we walked. Sorry, I walk most of my races these days. Hope I didn’t burst your bubble.

There were two other races going on, which is typical for trail runs. A 10K and 25K with staggered starts and we run on each others courses quite a bit so you have to pay attention to the ribbon colors. We managed to stay on the right trail, which is an accomplishment for me given that I got off course on two races this year.

Some of the many horses at New Life who ignored me.

And we took lots of photos.

Beautiful Flint Creek

Flint Creek, an incredibly beautiful, clear running creek runs through the property. I had no idea that Oklahoma had such a pretty creek. The water quality in the area is under threat because of “chicken houses” put up by farmers in the area where they raise hundreds of thousands of chickens and the associated runoff and odors. After seeing the creek I can understand why area residents are concerned. The state has a very muddled response, meaning that they are doing nothing.

I love reflections

A good time was had by all. A great course, great shirt, and medal, a nice grilled chicken sandwich lunch afterwards. So I give this race five stars out of five. I was also first in my age group of the race. It be very rude to ask me how many were in my age group, because I would have to report that I was the only one that showed up, just think of the hundreds of thousands that could have raced but did not.

I’ll be back!

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11 thoughts on “Flint and Steel 5K Trail Race at New Life Ranch

  1. A ShutterBug Explores

    Well ~ what a beautiful place and good for you being in the ‘race.’ ~ I didn’t realize one could ‘walk’ a race ~ Congrats your medal and good for you for doing the race ^_^

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Sallie

    What a great race….and congrats on being first in your age group ))..(I had a friend who bragged about being the salutatorian of her graduating class (of two people) and the prettiest girl in it too … and you can guess the rest. …. seriously congrats on doing the event in that weather, makes me shiver to think about that!

  3. Nancy Chan

    That was a great run and congrats on receiving the medal, doesn’t matter how many ran. Beautiful run course as you get to photograph so many lovely pictures. Beautiful creek and reflection.

  4. Driller's Place

    Our church youth groups have been to New Life Ranch on numerous occasions over the years. It is a special place. Flint Creek and the poultry industry have been at odds for decades. Nothing ever really gets done because Oklahoma and Arkansas politicians don’t want to upset their voters and that’s just another reason I have little use for politics. Glad you got out and stretched your legs in our part of the world. Have a blessed week.

  5. Amy Franks

    I just looked up the temperature conversion, that’s about the coldest it’s ever gotten here at night in winter, good on you for getting out in that, bet the frost was coming out your mouth.

  6. Fun60

    That scenery makes it a worthwhile run. Good on you for venturing out in the cold temperatures. The medals look very interesting.

  7. Carol

    Congrats on doing another race. Flint creek is lovely and I understand the concern over contamination. That’s a real problem no one wants to deal with.

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