2021 Tulsa Oktoberfest

Heather and I went to Tulsa’s Oktoberfest on Thursday night. We drank a little beer and ran (walked actually) a 5K race and then drank a little more beer and had some German food for dinner. At some point we bought Heather a new hat.

Horse collage

At the opening ceremonies we saw some horses. I love horses. I don’t want to ride them or own them or much of anything else to do with them but I do love taking photos of them.

The big white horse was my favorite. What a presence it had and checking everything out.

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20 thoughts on “2021 Tulsa Oktoberfest

  1. Carol

    Looks like great fun – I went to October fest up north several decades ago – It was music, food, dancing – you name it.

  2. Pat

    Drinking beer at an Oktoberfest sounds like a fun activity! I also love draft horses–could that big white one have been a Percheron?

  3. Angie

    Wunderbar! Heather looks very fetching in her hat! I can’t quite imagine running after drinking a beer, but good for both of you! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday and getting us started with a party!

  4. Vicki

    The hat looks great on Heather! I love horses too. My sister had a White Palomino when I was growing up.
    I’ve never been to Octoberfest.

  5. Barb

    Tell Heather I like her hat. Does she polka? Our October Fest is always in September. I think they’re worried about snow.

  6. Ellen M Polyard

    Looks like fun! Heather’s hat is perfect for the season. Mom and Dad bought those hats when they visited us in Germany. That big white horse is probably a Percheron. I love the draught horses.

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