Tanyard Creek – Bella Vista, Arkansas

On the last day of our trip to Bentonville, Arkansas, Heather and I ventured up to Bella Vista to check what’s up there.


I’d scoped out the Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in advance and we decided to give it a try.

It is gorgeous. A networked trail system built and maintained by volunteers. It is very nice. Very walker/hiker friendly because they don’t allow mountain bikes on many of the paths. The mountain bikers are not ignored as there are other trails they can use on the property.

The fall color was mainly gone but the creek is very nice. There is a series of waterfalls coming off a dam and the creek goes for quite a ways on the property.

There were other people there but the site is big enough to give everybody some space. I saw hardly any litter scattered around. Kudos to the park users for picking up after themselves.

The signage is outstanding. They identify many of the trees, plants and shrubs on site. They also identify a lot of the cultural history of the land such as places where Native Americans used to shelter way back when, and fragments of farms and houses from the settlers who arrived later. I would have missed most of the cultural items without the signage.

It was an enjoyable two mile jaunt. The place is loaded with geocaches also if you are into that. Heather is not so we didn’t look. I have an app on my phone that chirps when I get within 55 feet or so of a cache and my phone was chirping like crazy. We didn’t look for any though.

I got home and searched the area for caches boy howdy it is full of them. Oh well, next time.

Tanyard Creek doesn’t get the press that nearby Bentonville does and their amazing network of trails but there are lot less people and you don’t run the risk of getting run over by enthusiastic mountain bikers doing there thing.

I’m linking with Our World Tuesday. Come check it out.

16 thoughts on “Tanyard Creek – Bella Vista, Arkansas

  1. DrillerAA

    Welcome to my world. So glad you your visit. Tanyard Creek got really busy during the main Covid sheltering period of 2020. Bella Vista bike trails are connected to Bentonville bike trails, which are connected to Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville bike trails. It has all happened in the past 5 or 6 years. I photograph a lot of my fall color around Bella Vista and the lakes. That creek comes from the dam at Lake Windsor, which is at the top of the hill. We have lived in the area for 34 years and love all that this community of towns has to offer. Come back any time.

  2. Barb

    This looks and sounds like my kind of place. It has so much natural beauty and not a conga line of people! You definitely should have looked up the geocaches earlier….. But, maybe Heather is glad you didn’t.

  3. Fun60

    The place looks perfect for walking. You must have been itching to go in search of s geo cache. All credit to you for putting your wife’s needs first.

  4. sallie rainville

    Really nice Fall color and waterfalls! Neat place and I like how they have trails just for walkers/hikers and also a place for the mt bikers. They often don’t mix well, as you point out!

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