Our World – El Reno

El Reno is a gritty suburb west of Oklahoma City. It’s in the center of the wheat belt so there are a lot of grain elevators. It was a Rock Island railroad hub, and an oil and gas operations center as well. Nearby Fort Reno was a cavalry outpost during the wars with Native Americans. And Route 66 runs right through town.

They even have a special place for love-locks.

And it is part of my year long turning 66 on Route 66 celebration.

I’m linking with Our World Tuesday. Come join in!!

6 thoughts on “Our World – El Reno

  1. DrillerAA

    Love the grain silos. Really nice image.
    It seems like another lifetime when we used to drive from Tulsa to St. Louis on Route 66.
    Have a blessed week Yogi.

  2. DeniseinVA

    Great photos! One of these days I would like to travel what’s left of Rt. 66. The grain silos I have seen similar ones in North Dakota. Locks catch on everywhere!

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