2022 Darryl Starbird Rod and Custom Car Show


Football season is over, what to do on Sunday?? I know, I went to the Darryl Starbird Rod and Custom Car Show at the fairgrounds. The Starbird Show is all about hot rods and custom cars, not your boring old Fords and Toyotas. All of the cars at the Starbird Show are one of a kind.


They are painted bright colors and polished to a high gloss. They are works of art in my mind.


Works of art that can be driven.


This car was supposedly built just for one episode of “Love American Style.” Is there another television show more 1970’s than Love American Style. The placard with the car said that it was for sale (no price asked) and had been in storage for 40 years. Huh?


I am not sure I want a car like this but I will look at it all day long.


This is one of my favorites. It looks like a Jetsons car (anybody out there remember the Jetson cartoons) with the bubble top. That is not the best part though.


The quilted interior is my favorite. And look, no spedometer! (or any other instrumentation for that matter. Pure style.


A customized Jaguar XJS Convertible.


A hotrod with a bathtub style body.


Is this not a surfer’s car?


No leaning over for a kiss in this car!


And another favorite. Sensitive readers should skip over this part. Apologies to everybody, Sorry, not sorry. I’ve seen a number of cars over the years with the logo “The Panty Dropper” on it. Very vulgar and low class, I assure you. I assure you, yes I do. Well at the Starbird Car Show the tables are turned. I present the “The Boxer Dropper” owned by a woman. Note the pair of boxers on the ground. (No!! they are not mine, shame on you for thinking that! It is a nice car though.) I loved this car and the concept. And I love that women are getting involved in custom cars.


My favorite car at the show was “Pannama” which may or may not have been in the car that the Van Halen Song “Panama” is based on. The owner had a photo of a car that looked like this with David Lee Roth (the lead singer of Van Halen in case you are wondering.”


The car is absolutely gorgeous and appears to be similar to the car in the video for the song. Below is the video.

Thank you for sticking me through all this. I’ve been to several of the Starbird Car Show. Check this link to check out my previous posts.

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