2022 Photo Contest Entries

My former employer has a photo contest every year and they let retirees enter it. It’s always a lot of fun. I have a talented group of former coworkers who make great photographs and I have been lucky enough to win some awards over time as well.

This is what I submitted this year. I don’t think it is my best year but hey we’ll see what happens.


This is Logan Lake at the YMCA on Turkey Mountain. I submitted it in the “Landscape” category.

And this is Rascal when he graduated from Physical Therapy. It was hilarious they put a cap and tassel on him and the little ham posed. This is in the “Flora and Fauna” category.

This is a scene from the Arkansas delta country last year as we returned home from our vacation on the Gulf Coast.

And this is the Union Pacific Big Boy Locomotive at one of its stops in northeast Oklahoma. I love this shot but I doubt my previous employer will want to use anything that was part of another company’s promotion campaign. This is the “People” category.

This is a tribute to the Choctaw Code Talkers of World War I and II. This is in the “Our Company Values” category.


And this is the moon. I entered it in the “Creative” category as I always edit my moon shots to make the details stand out.

So there you go. You get an advance look. I think all these shots have been in my blog the past year. Wish me luck!!

9 thoughts on “2022 Photo Contest Entries

  1. Ellen

    They’re all great shots, I especially like the lake and the sky shots. Of course, your moon shots are always great. I know you’ll do well in the contest.

  2. Sallie

    They’d certainly miss your talent if they didn’t open the contest to retirees! They all look like winners to be.

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