River Critters and More


I went on a bike ride earlier this week along the RiverParks Trails here in Tulsa and took along my superzoom camera. I captured this flock of great blue herons egrets fishing along a channel in the Arkansas River.


I always like catching birds in flight.


Another mixed flock of birds fishing in a different spot.


This heron was all by himself.


Upriver were some geese.


A couple of egrets checking out the action.


Another shot of an egret with a heron.

And a butterfly flitting around our backyard.

Lizzy the cat checking on the cicada action on the back porch. She likes to watch them. Our pom Kodi likes to eat them. Yuck!!

Hoof prints found during a hike on Turkey Mountain. They have asked for people not to ride horseback on the new trails but some people insist on doing their own thing.

I’m linking with Saturday’s Critters!!

12 thoughts on “River Critters and More

  1. Eileen

    What a great sighting of the Herons and Egrets at the river. The butterfly is beautiful.
    Your kitty Lizzy is a cutie, but Kodi eating cicadas UGH.
    Nice outing and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. Vicki

    Love the water and the birds, a very beautiful place to spend some time. Pretty flowers and butterfly also.

    Lizzie is a cutie. I miss seeing Kodi in this post but thankful you didn’t show a photo of him eating a cicada!

    Nice photo of the horseshoe, but I think the owner needs to read the signs before the entering a trail.

  3. cloudia

    Enjoyable narrative of images. I love the window cat of course. The radio telescope looks amazing too!

  4. Lisa

    The solo heron photo is great! Horses made such a mess on trails. I never thought of it until reading an article how horse riders don’t pick up after their animals, yet leave so much more than a dog. I don’t mind the odor of manure, but it sure is messy.
    I should go to my nearby river a lot more than I do. It’s only a few minutes drive away. It’s one of the original National Wild and Scenic Rivers.
    Before my cat became an indoor cat she caught a cicada and was bring it to me, as it chirped its high-pitched noise. I tried to keep away from her, but she kept coming! Finally my son got it from her, and unfortunately, it was hurt.

  5. Alana .

    What wonderful heron and egret pictures. Makes me wish I had a camera and not just an iPhone but I would never have the camera with me at the right time. The cat photo was adorable.

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