Shadow Shot Sunday – Guthrie Driveway

Guthrie Pear Trees - Impressions Photo Painting I 80 pct

Topaz Impressions – Photo Painting I filter.

A couple weeks ago our family ventured to Guthrie, Oklahoma on a road trip. Before we leaving Guthrie, the long suffering family agreed to let me walk around Guthrie’s huge, mysterious, slightly creepy Masonic Temple. The grounds of the Temple are kind of, well lets just say they are benignly neglected. The building is supposedly sumptuous on the inside but the outside is just plain big and and not very interesting, at least to me. I did like one of the driveways though. It has some big pear trees just waiting for an ice storm or high winds but in the meantime they were putting on a quite a show with their blossoms. So the shadow here is kind of subtle since it was an overcast day but if you look hard you’ll see it.

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13 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Guthrie Driveway

  1. Ralph

    I see the work of an impressionist painting – that look of the real world but dreamier. A great photo edit but what makes it greater is the scene, the budding pears looking soft, fluffy maybe. It looks as if it should be hanging in a gallery. And I have just the wall for it!

  2. Driller's Place

    Okay, I’m curious. Did you get any images of the building, even though you found it not terribly interesting? And the $64 question, did you sneak inside to confirm the rumors?

    1. yogisd7_wp Post author

      Yes, I did get some images. I’m not too happy with them though. I had people waiting on me so I couldn’t take the time to experiment and try out different things like I would normally do.

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