Saturday’s Critters – Macho in the Afternoon

Afternoon Horse -Topaz Impressions

This is Macho, a horse stabled near where my son goes to school. Don’t worry about his ribs showing, I have it on good authority that he has bad knees and they limit his eating in order to keep his weight down and make it easier on him. So he is well cared for. Notice all the bright green grass? We have had some great soft rains and good sunshiny days lately. Things are really green around here.

I took the pic on late in the afternoon Thursday and I liked how he had a little bit of afternoon color on his flanks.

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9 thoughts on “Saturday’s Critters – Macho in the Afternoon

  1. sylviakirk

    What a terrific capture! I do love the lighting! Being a horse lover, this one got a big smile from me!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you and your family have a beautiful weekend!!

  2. Eileen

    Macho is a handsome horse.. Very pretty photo! Thank you for linking up and sharing your critter post..Have a happy weekend!

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