My new Takashi 521 FX Camera

Takashi Picnik collage 1

I got some money for my birthday a while back so I used it to by a new camera. It is a Takashi 521 Digital FX.  It is digital camera that simulates an analog camera. It has several built in modes. One can take pics in a “normal” mode and also black and white, sepia, negative, and various color tints. So its a fun camera to play around with. I’m still working with it and these are some of my first pics.

Takashi Picnik collage 2

As you can tell it is fairly low tech but I think that I’m going to like the old timey feel of the pics.

Takashi Picnik collage 3

Have I taken leave of my senses? Probably! I’ll still be using my high tech digital cameras and my low tech Diana Mini film camera. The Takashi will be another tool in the bag so to speak.

13 thoughts on “My new Takashi 521 FX Camera

  1. Sylvia K

    Aren’t our “toys” wonderful? What fun captures! Yep, I know you’re going to take a bag full of cameras with you everywhere you go! And I’m so glad because we’ll get to enjoy the results of your playtime!! Have a great, fun day!


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