Sunday Run to Nana’s House

Sunday Sweetie and SuperPizzaBoy decided to go swimming at Nana’s house. She has a very nice pool and was out of town so somebody needed to check on the pool and her dogs. I decided to go swimming also. I needed to burn off some calories though. I made breakfast you see. Pancakes.


Pioneer Woman, move your butt over. These are my ridiculous blueberry pancakes. This is what I do with them.


This my ridiculous blueberry pancake, fried egg (2), and bacon (4) sandwich. Just add salsa, habanero garlic hot sauce, and maple syrup.

Anyway I don’t get out and work cattle like Rhee does so I have to find other ways to burn off the calories so I decided to run to Nana’s house. It’s not too far but the temps were close to 90 so I geared up. Warning, this is not a pretty sight.


Don’t blame me, I warned you. I took my Camelback canteen backpack that my sister Ellen gave me a while back. There are no water stops on the route I took. So laugh at me if you will. But I was hydrated. And of course I had my ipod. A trip like this requires some heavy duty tunes, Metallica, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, Kings of Leon, and Karen and Richard Carpenter.


First camera stop, a black swan in the “nice” part of our subdivision.


A beaver pond that remains despite the best efforts of various maintenance people to dismantle it. Go beavers!!!!


The shady part of my route.


SPB and I have a cache in those trees. Most of the snakes I’ve seen in the city limits of Tulsa have been in that grass field on the way to the trees. None were poisonous, at least the ones I saw.


My favorite bridge on my route.


More shade


I guess this proves that under the laws of the State of Oklahoma surveyors don’t have to do their work while sober.


I see Angels, no, they aren’t coming for me, its not my time yet. It just means that I’m at Nana’s house.


Running attire makes great swimming attire. Then it was time for a malted adult rehydration beverage.

Hey, you want to see my route? Sure you do.

How about some more information? Come on, you have gone this far!

Now, you know everything about me. Who says I don’t share personal stuff about myself?

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Run to Nana’s House

  1. Pagan Sphinx

    Your blueberry pancakes don’t look silly! They look delicious. My favorite. But only with real maple syrup!

    I like your running route posts. Good for you for staying in shape. I’m not very good at that. Even at my fittest, when I rode my bike many miles every week, I couldn’t run more than a half-mile before finding it a truly awful experience!

    Have a great week!


  2. Gaelyn

    Looks like a great route for a run (walk for me thanks). Lots of diversity with natural and concrete. And you really did deserve that swim, especially after that breakfast.

  3. Oklahoma Granny

    The pancake sandwich looks great. I’ll have mine minus the hot sauce though. You certainly deserved that swim after your run.

    I saw a news piece about geocaching (sp?) the other night on Channel 6 news. I just knew you’d be featured on it.

  4. Sylvia K

    Well, you certainly earned your pancake sandwich (which looks delicious!) and a swim in the pool! Always love your humor and it always brightens my day. We may have a bit of sun today, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Enjoy yours!!


  5. Janie

    I’ll take my blueberry pancakes plain, thank you very much.
    I can tell your fav parts of the route included the shade and the swimming pool. Great collection of data!

  6. Barb

    I’m probably the only one who enlarged the GPS info to see what your heart rate was – also noticed the piddling elevation… Can’t believe you could even run after that gut-buster of a breakfast. I bet the Carpenters got you through the heat of the day though. Glad you survived, Yogi!

  7. EG Wow

    That’s quite the pancake sandwich! And THEN you ran six miles? How lucky you were that there was a pool at the end. 🙂

  8. Dawn

    Okay, your breakfast made my mouth water. I’m getting ready to make pancakes and I’m seriously considering putting eggs and bacon in the middle. Do you ever eat the McGriddle at McDonald’s? I’d eat it every day if it weren’t so fattening. LOL!

    Way to go on that run. And, way to reward yourself in the end. =)

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