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Spirited with Will Ferrel and Ryan Rynolds

Our family loved the Spirited, a new movie based on the the Dickens classic novella, A Christmas Carol, I am not going to give anything away as we all know the basic plot, right?! I will say that this movie takes the tale and turns it back on itself, then inside out, upside down, and whirls it all around. It’s a musical adaption, the songs are great, there is even dancing. I think it is destined to be a Christmas classic. Ferrel and Reynolds do a great job. Here’s the trailer.

Almost Christmas with Danny Glover

We went to see the Almost Christmas on Sunday afternoon. We loved it. It is a dysfunctional family type Christmas story. The Fandango synopsis of the movie is:

“An African-American widower (Danny Glover) asks his family — which includes his sassy sister-in-law (Mo’Nique) and four adult children (Kimberly Elise, Romany Malco, Gabrielle Union, and Jessie Usher), as well as the latter’s spouses and kids — to join him for their first Christmas since his wife passed away. However, having all of them under one roof leads to a number of personal confrontations as secrets are revealed and marriages are tested.”

The movie is fun and good hearted and a great Christmas time movie. Everybody in the movie (except the kids who are of course extremely cute and precocious) has issues and they have problems with each other and they pull some bone headed stunts but somehow it all works. It is along the lines of a Hallmark Christmas movie but with some soul and bite.

Everybody keeps their clothes on but there are some suggestive scenes.

I loved this movie.