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I am in New Orleans for a convention this week. This is the third time that I have come here for this event and I love it.


I would love it even more if Heather were here but alas not to be. Last time she came with me was years ago, the spring before Katrina hit the city. We had a wonderful meal at KPauls. It was on our own dime.  The convention had a banquet featuring the Oakwood Boys. We opted out of the banquet mystery meat and spent more than we could afford. And it was worth it.


New Orleans is a beautiful city. It has a charm to it. It has all the cheesy tourist shops sure but it also has some beautiful balconies above the shops.  It is kind of mysterious. It kind of reminds me a little bit of the way Santa Fe was when I was just a little kid. The cheap tourist places but glimpses of courtyards behind wrought iron gates captivated me.


The street buskers of New Orleans are the best I have ever seen. Everybody gets in the act. The little boy above felt moved to join in. Nobody seemed to mind.


The city is always in transition. Nice areas breaking out in not so nice neighborhoods and other areas seemingly in decline.


I just love it here. It is unlike any place I have ever been. Even other places in Louisiana.


So I’ll be here until Wednesday at noon when I fly out. I’ll be trying to take in as much of the convention and the city as I can.

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10 thoughts on “Our World – New Orleans

  1. Driller's Place

    It’s been several years since I was in New Orleans and, like you, I was on business. A colleague and I found a great little restaurant around Lafayette Square and ordered alligator po-boys. They were awesome. It is indeed a city that is always in transition. The seedy is never far from the sensational. Enjoy your week.

  2. Gaelyn

    You know me, not a city person. But, if I had a good guide I’d like to visit New Orleans one day. Have fun while you work.

  3. JennJilks

    Such beautiful photos! Well done, as always. I’d love a trip. It looks so warm. We had a dump of snow, again. I love the re street car best. What joy! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Martha Z

    We stopped there almost 40 years ago, on our way to Florida to visit the in-laws. I can’t imagine doing that today, LA to Florida with two kids in the back seat. I don’t think we were able to appreciate the city then.

  5. artmusedog and carol

    Our son went to college at Tulane so spent some time there in N’orleans ~ As you show and write it is like ‘none other’ ~ A Great place ~ Great photos! Love the ‘streetcars’ ~ Hope you have some beignets and cafe au lait and maybe a muffalatta??? ~ Either way am sure you are having fun ~

    Happy week to you ~ ^_^

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