Bridget Jones Baby with Renee Zellwager, Colin Firth, and Patrick Dempsey

Heather and I went to see Bridget Jones Baby on a rainy Sunday afternoon. What a treat it was. It is a dreaded RomCom but this is great. The movie open with Bridget tearfully celebrating her 43rd birthday. She is single, she has no one in her life, life is miserable. Soon thereafter her love life gets better twice within a week. First with a hookup at a glamping music festival with Jack and then later with her longtime beau, then married, then suddenly not, Mark.

Okay, so she got a little slutty, no big deal except a short while later she finds out she is pregnant and this is when the fun begins. First she tells each guy about her condition without telling her that their might be somebody else. You can see each man kind of falls in love with the idea with being a father. Then she has to tell them that there are two prospective guys. That is when it gets interesting as each guy wrestles with the idea of who they really love, Bridget, or the baby? How this plays out really elevated the movie for me beyond the usual romantic comedy.

The movie was totally satisfying and didn’t leave too many loose ends. Ms. Zellwigger at 47 years old is still sexy and expressive as ever. I can recommend this movie to anyone. Leave the kids home please.