The Old Man by Thomas Perry

Thomas Perry - The Old Man - Book Cover

I just read “The Old Man” by Thomas Perry. Perry is one of my brain candy authors, full of manly men doing manly stuff and all very competent, ¬†always prepared, and always know just what to do in any situation especially those where swift, violent action is required. Unlike some of us who are lost and befuddled and hope everything turns out.

Meet Dan Chase, about my age, a retired old fart in Vermont. He has a house, a car, two dogs, and a past. A long time ago in Libya he was a US intelligence agent who got involved in a cash payoff that went badly and he got framed of taking a money, but he was really innocent. So he had to go undercover with a false identity and hide. So he a bugout kit with cash, several sets of identity papers, guns, ammo, and knives. Thirty five years go by and nothing happens and then some people from his past show up and he goes on the run.

So it is a wild ride with some twists and turns and unexpected as he dodges and weaves trying to stay alive.

Another rock solid escapist thriller read from Thomas Perry.

It’s brand new and I got my copy free from the Tulsa Public Library. Saved some bucks I tell ya. I’m a big library fan.

2 thoughts on “The Old Man by Thomas Perry

  1. Amy

    Sounds good, I joined up to our local library which is 2 doors up from where we live so its ultra convenient, my daughter and I usually come out with about 10-12 books each.

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    We’re Library fans too — in fact I’m on the way there as soon as I catch up a bit with my blog. This is Bill’s kind of ‘brain candy’ — a phrase I love — so I’ll add this author to my ‘look for’ list. I usually stop by the library on my way to buy food, so I pick out Bill’s books too. (He’s home doing other important stuff, books and groceries are the only two things I can do better than he can!)

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