Abundant Life Building – former Oral Roberts Ministry Headquarters


On my evening run I passed this big ugly hulk just south of downtown. It is the Abundant Life building that was built in the mid 1950’s by Oral Roberts as headquarters for his ministry. The building has been abandoned for many years now. It was last used as an office by Southwestern Bell in the 1980s. More information can be found at the Historic Tulsa and Abandoned Oklahoma┬ásites. Abandoned Oklahoma has some shots of the interior including the marble entryway.


The building is strange because it has no windows. It has changed hands several times and plans are announced for redeveloping it. I just cannot see how that would work for such a big ugly building with no windows. I hate to see old buildings torn down but it seems that options are few for this structure.

3 thoughts on “Abundant Life Building – former Oral Roberts Ministry Headquarters

  1. Driller's Place

    I was never a big fan of this building, but that decorative block used for the retaining walls in the parking lot is a throwback to Frank Lloyd Wright and are priceless. I would like to see them re-purposed. Unfortunately, I don’t think the main structure has any real value. the cost of rehab would far exceed new construction and it’s just not a significant building in the Tulsa landscape. Frank Wallace was the architect and you can view better examples of his work out on the ORU campus.

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