A Walk in the Woods


We are having some great weather right now. Sunny, almost warm, so Logan and I went exploring on Saturday in some urban woods. They are not a park, it is undeveloped private land. We were geocaching.


Their used to be houses here I think. Note the phone box out in the middle of nowhere.


I found the first stage of a multistage cache. The clue to the next location was a underlined letters in a Hardy Boys detective novel. Logan had to wait while I went through the novel and copied down the underlined words into my note book. The letters told a riddle that I think I have solved except you know the answer is a word and I need a bunch of numbers because I am looking for GPS coordinates! 


We set that issue aside and went looking for another cache and found it. It Is a lot fancier than most of the caches we find. Some geocachers really put a lot of work into their hides.

So we only found one, but the fun is in the looking, at least for me. For Logan, the fun is getting back home.

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10 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Geocaching would have been a fun hobby when our kids (and we) were younger — I’d never heard of it back then — for a while we did something called orienteering, which was fun, but no rewards like that cute little ‘country store’ ‘ you discovered. Nice that whoever owns that land allows people on it; looks like a great place for a walk in the woods, with or without prize discoveries~

  2. Jeanna

    What is that a diner for squirrels? A fine thing to do when you get a break in the weather. I was about to go on a hunt for a funny display in a nearby town today, someone puts up a mannequin dressed like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, but got caught up in something. I think we have one more nice day coming tomorrow.

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