ABC Wednesday – “Q” is for Quonset Hut!

Daycare center close to downtown Tulsa

The ubiquitous Quonset Hut was developed by the US Navy during World War II to fill their need for lightweight portable multipurpose buildings that could be moved anywhere and assembled quickly with unskilled labor. 150,000 plus were built during the war and many of the sold to the public after the war. They seem to be everywhere in a multitude of uses.

Quonset Hut

An almost hidden hut just off the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I think it used to be a dance hall but am not sure.


A storage building in Flandreau, South Dakota.

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7 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday – “Q” is for Quonset Hut!

  1. Driller's Place

    The Quonset hut is possibly the most efficient structure ever conceived by the military. I don’t know how you found that one, hidden in the undergrowth, in San Antonio. Actually I am surprised there is that much green vegetation in San Antonio. Must have been spring time. Have a blessed week.

  2. junieper2/Jesh StG

    So interesting! That is how in my dreams my studio would look like – and I see you can this would be “mobile” that would be hard in the Los Angeles basin though (where I lived when I had this dream!)

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