Skywatch Friday – to the Moon and Beyond

I don’t have a theme for this post besides the Sky. So here goes!

full moon IMG_2353-1-Edit

This is the last full moon that we had a couple weeks ago. I love the Native American names for the various moons. This one is known as the Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon, or the Flower Moon.


I shot this with an HDR camera on my phone while stopped at a light. It may be overdone a little but I kind of like it.


This is from one of my bicycling outings.


This is a sky over a stripper oil well near a city park in north Tulsa.


Our local AA Minor League baseball, the Tulsa Drillers schedules day games during the week. This year I took a few hours of vacation, bought me a ticket and went to see them. There is nothing like daytime baseball. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.


Another sight from biking, this one along the Arkansas River. With the flooding the RiverParks are closed now. Who knows how much damage they sustained.

I hope you have a great week!

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25 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – to the Moon and Beyond

  1. Eileen Wise


    Love the gorgeous moon photo. Lovely series of sky captures. The last one is beautiful. The flooding sounds bad, I hope you and your family stay safe. Wishing you a happy day and weekend ahead!

  2. Junieper/Jesh StG

    Wow, great capture of the moon – the the skies say it all- fast and furious! Am glad you and your family are okay! No need to apologize:):) thanks for hosting!
    Love the flags you showed or Wednesday!

  3. Jeanna

    I lovw minor league baseball, we’ve got a collegiate team here down the street, lots of fun but more antics than baseball. Will be wearing my White Sox shirt and either Dodger or Twins visor to a Cubs game next week so we’ll see how that goes.
    Am afraid of flooding here as well but glad you are all dry and safe. Gorgeous and forbidding skies.

  4. Peter B.

    Wonderful moon shot, regardless of what you call it! I like the HDR edit… looks like a painting. Have a great weekend!

  5. Amy

    I’ve never heard of those names for the moon’s cycles but I guess they make sense in that particular culture.

  6. Ellen

    Beautiful sky shots. Colorado Springs lost its AA team this year, but we have a new team: The Rocky Mountain Vibes. Their mascot is a s’more. The team had a contest for the new team name, there were three finalists and then out of the blue they announced the names was the Vibes which wasn’t one of the finalists. They don’t even have their opener until June 14th and it’s a very short season. They play teams like the Idaho Falls Chukars. I think they’re very far down the totem pole, but maybe it will be fun to go watch them.

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