Skywatch Friday – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Museum Sculptures-1-Edit

From our trip last October to Jackson. We spent most days hiking but one day was too bitterly cold for that so we did other things including visiting the fabulous National Museum of Wildlife Art overlooking the Elk Refuge. Filled with great art, most of in the warm building but I loved these pieces out on a patio overlooking the valley. There are no bad views in Jackson Hole.

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20 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  1. Angie

    Very surreal. When I first looked at this, I wondered if you had applied some filter to the trees to make them look like that. Then I read the caption. I like the contrast of the art against the divine backdrop of Mother Nature’s creation! I hope you are enjoying the Advent season!

  2. Linda W.

    Interesting sculpture. I went to Jackson Hole some years ago but it seems like a different lifetime now. Somewhere I have color prints of the Grand Tetons. Ha, a digital camera then cost like $3,000!

  3. Margy

    A beautiful image. I went to Grand Tetons National Park back in the 90s on a solo camping trip between jobs. It was Easter week so there was still snow in the campground, but I found a nice spot until the rain came and flooded underneath my tent and strong wind almost knocked it over. Still, it was a fun way to clear my head of a particularly nasty job to be ready for a new one. – Margy

  4. Junieper/Jesh

    Of curse I would look at the statues first, and wonder if it’s a one subject series, or random ones?
    But the landscape is also beautiful. We have a Jackson, half an hour from where i live. Wishing you a merry Christmas, Alan – including your brother, you and your family, and many thanks for hosting this year!

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