Skywatch – The Gloaming

I was out in the woods on Turkey Mountain the other day when it started getting dark. The sun was going down fast. I love the word “Gloaming.” An old English word with roots back to the Middle Ages. I love how people say “The Gloaming.”

Another word for the same time of day is Eventide. An even older English word from before the 12th century. It has a kind of churchy spiritual aura around it.

Whatever you call the time of day, I love being out in the woods when night comes.

Come check out Skywatch Friday with me and a bunch of other bloggers.

21 thoughts on “Skywatch – The Gloaming

  1. Carol

    love the time of day and the photos – I never really knew what gloaming meant until now – Twillight, dusk, sundown – no matter what you call it, it is a beautiful time

  2. Alana

    Glorious gloaming shots! Although I have to comment that “The Gloaming” sounds more like a horror movie title. Now, Eventide, I like that one!

  3. junie/jesh

    My favorite time is also sunset. And you captured some very beautiful moments. – But the most beautiful is near the water when you can see the sun “sink” into the sea:)
    About the keys of David on my blog: it is in Isa. 22:22 and Rev.3:7 I took me a long time to understand the concept, but it was intriguing, till I found the answer in Rev.
    It is connected to being holy and truth. If that is not a person’s mindset, you will not be given those keys, so to speak. Am not sure what you were trying to say in your reply – did you mean, you like questions more than answers?

  4. Pat

    Ye Olde English words seem extra descriptive for the sunset, don’t they? I always find those last few minutes of the sun on the horizon to be magical.

  5. Angie

    Alan – another reason that we are kindred souls. How many people do I even know that would have heard of the word “gloaming” much less use it in a post much less LIKE the word!?! You rock!

  6. Eileen


    Sunset is a lovely time, Gloaming is a new word for me. Pretty captures! I do prefer to be out of the forest before dark. Thanks for hosting. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

  7. Hazel

    I would love being in the woods too when night comes if the woods in my part of the world were as charming as yours. I like the sound of The Gloaming. Makes me want to grab a blanket and curl up in front of something ‘gloamish.’


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