Skywatch Friday – Back in the Day


This is from the archives. I’ve been so busy getting my brother into an assisted living place that I forgot to take a sky photo this week. So this is from where I used to work in downtown Tulsa looking out to the northwest along the Arkansas River winding its way back to Colorado. Thank goodness for archives is what I say.

I’m getting my first covid-19 vaccination shot today at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Wish me luck!!

Stay healthy my friends. Come join the fun over at Skywatch Friday

14 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Back in the Day

  1. Peter B.

    Beautiful sky shot, and good luck with your vaccination. Lots of confusion about when and where to get it in my neck of the woods. I’m seeing that people can go stand in line at Disneyland, but that seems like a bad idea to me. Aren’t we supposed to be avoiding crowds?

  2. Paspii

    Who of us didnĀ“t dig in archives 2020? Let 2021 be better for photography and let this ordeal pass us by. Good luck with the Shot and Thank You for hosting!

  3. Alana

    Good luck with the vaccination. In New York State we have a serious shortage vs people who want it, and the rollout (past the phase with health care workers) has been – let’s just say “not good”. It may be 14 weeks or more before I can get mine, and I’m over 65. Thankful that your brother in law continues to recover from that terrible illness.

  4. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Greetings and Salutations! I am glad that you had the vaccination. I am way over 75 pressing near 80 and not sure how to even get on the list for the shot. I will ask the doctor Monday. Glad you helped your brother.

    Thank you for being our host. I too go into the archives. My photography window is smaller than it ever was because I am a caregiver to my husband; but somehow I still find time to take photographs and post them. I need to learn how to retrieve new photos from Iphone and download them to Windows 10. I knew how with XP.


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