Turkey Mountain Evening Hike

2021-01-06 nik hdr

My knee has been feeling a little glitchy lately so I haven’t been walking like I was, let alone running. Sunday, I had been in the house all day watching football and working on paperwork so I went to Turkey Mountain for a short walk on a relatively flat trail. I went late evening, my favorite time on the mountain even though it was pretty chilly.

I came upon this early on. I was a little annoyed but I guess that one could call it a “painted rock.” I’ve put a few painted rocks out. They are like river rocks though not sandstone. I let it be.

I love the trees on Turkey Mountain. The old ones are all gnarled up. They survived numerous ice storms, wind storms, and more than just a few tornadoes. They are kind of eerie looking. I like eerie.

50823125211_2a96bfd9c5_o nik hdr

As the sun went down some of the vegetation and grass had almost a fluorescent quality to it releasing a little bit of the light of the day.

I passed by one of the lakes on the mountain. This is about all we had for a sunset that night. The clouds were thick and low

Toward the end of my hike it was just plain dark. Nothing like being out in the woods all by yourself in the dark.

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10 thoughts on “Turkey Mountain Evening Hike

  1. Vicki

    I love the photos, it looks like a very calming place to walk! But I wouldn’t want to be our there alone in the day or night.

  2. Eileen


    Nice hike! The painted rocks have become pretty popular. I found some in Florida but have not found any here in Maryland. I hope your knee is feeling better. Take care, enjoy your day and have a great week ahead.

  3. Ellen

    Beautiful place to hike especially if you have it to yourself. I’m not one to go on the trails when it’s getting dark. One of my coworkers in Yellowstone would hike into the wilderness at night with his headlamp. It’s creepy enough during the day wondering if a grizzly is watching, I definitely wouldn’t attempt it at night.

  4. Barb

    Do you have mountain lions there? That’s what I think of if I’m in the woods at night. Also moose,of course. Finding painted rocks is not as bad as finding dog poop in plastic bags. (I know – I can’t let it go…)

  5. Gaelyn

    Sorry to hear about your knee. I don’t like painted rocks left on public land. Love the eerie looking skeletal trees of winter, just don’t like winter. The desert grasses glow like that at sundown. I don’t go out for walks much after dark. But it is like being in a whole new place from daylight.

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