ABC Wednesday – W is for …

If you are back from a beach vaation then W has to be Water!


We swam in it. SuperPizzaBoy is part fish I think.


We saw boats in it.


We even saw a few people even walking on water.


And then way far off we saw some ghostly sinister shapes on the water.


There were pelicans trying to catch dinner.


All sorts of foolishness was going on in the water. Not all of it can be explained. I mean I could explain it but you wouldn’t understand it. I took 616 photographs on our trip, 282 of them have a “water” tag.

ABC Wednesday

14 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday – W is for …

  1. Janie

    Love the ghost ship. Hey, are Sweetie and SPB ganging up on you in that last photo?
    Digital cameras seem to encourage excess photo-taking. We always come back from a vacation, or even a 2 day ride, with 100s of photos. Takes a ridiculous amount of time to sort through them.

  2. Jennifer A. Jilks

    That’s a hoot. I’m travelling next weekend. I’m trying to figure out how to save my photos. I always take too many and don’t think I can take my computer. sigh.

  3. Leedslass

    SUPing is my daughter’s favourite sport (water that is). Much harder than it looks I am told.
    Looks like you might have stepped out of line in the last picture – is it time for the old guy to know his place in this world? LOL.

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