Staying Comfortable the Neo-Luddite Way


Old Al Gore wouldn’t be happy with me. I got rid of our fancy schmancy programmable thermostat and replaced it with an old school unit with a rotary dial. I put the programmable unit in about ten years ago or so and have hated it every day since. It was hard to program, chewed up batteries, and was hard to read. ¬†Our lifestyle is not really programmable. We are home when we are home and gone when we are gone. Not really anything that can be programmed so we have had in manual mode almost the whole decade.


That wasn’t much fun either when we were trying to raise or lower the temperature we’d press the up or down button and the thing had to think about it for a while then make a high pitched whine and then move the setting up and down way too fast so it took a while to get it set where you wanted. Plus the lighting was dim in the hallway and it was hard to read.

So now we just move the dial to the left or right. I feel that we just made a huge step forward.

Anyway, sorry about that folks. Can somebody pick up the extra carbon load we are going to have with this thing? Class, class, anyone?

Have you ever gone backward in technology in order to move forward? Tell us about it.

10 thoughts on “Staying Comfortable the Neo-Luddite Way

  1. DrillerAA

    Well, there are certainly days when I wouldn’t mind going back to rotary, even when it comes to phones. I’m not convinced that smart phones are as smart as they think they are. They might be smarter that me, but that doesn’t make them smart. Have a great day Yogi.

  2. Terry Clark

    Oh yes, I must ftake your example. Can’t even find the instructions. Love the lines: “Our lifestyle is not really programmable. We are home when we are home and gone when we are gone. ”


  3. Gaelyn

    My RV furnace as a remote because I can’t reach the ceiling buttons without a chair. Although I barely use it because propane is so consumptive. In winter I would go through 7 gallons of propane in two days. No way. So I use new, but old fashioned, small electric heaters.

  4. Beth

    my parents have the circle kind, wait i think they had an upgrade within the last few years to the computerized mode. we have the temp gauge that has a little plastic charger thingy … when the AC/heater guy came by recently he said you have to have an upgrade. the hubby said WHAT?? why?? why would you fix something that does not need to be fixed. it is working fine. so until it doesn’t work? we will not be messing with it. duh. silly heater dude. ha. ha!! ( :

  5. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    We live in these very small houses, so we rationalize a lot by saying ‘but we have such a small footprint on the earth’. Yeah, in some ways I think we lead a fairly regular life, but the programmable thing wouldn’t work well for us either. In Florida we almost never turn on the AC if we’re going to be out running around all day, but when we are home on a humid day, it has to be on.

  6. Anne Paley

    I have a laptop (with which I am very happy), my 84 year old neighbour has bought a tablet and I am the one she turns to for help. I’ve just been round there trying to show her Amazon and have had to leave cos my head is spinning. I think laptops are so much more simple than tablets – does that answer your question or have I not understood a single word????????????? REMEMBER I’m 80 next month so if you wish to instruct me – words of one syllable please:-)

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