Installing Update

I’ve changed my routine a slight bit on my Wednesday night running after work routine.


Before I go run I drive out to far west Tulsa, out past the refineries, over the tracks, and across the levee to the Brewery to refill my growler before I go running. They actually put up little tiny signs up. That’s it! It’s ruined now. Boring guys like me will be saying “Oh, yeah I used to go out there before that had signs up.” It was a lot better back then.


I got delayed on my way back.


I managed to get back to the river before it got dark.

While I was walking a little before my run here came some skateboarders. Some of these guys are quite good, They add a little pizzazz to the River Parks scene.


It was time to start running and my watch told me no, not now, it was too busy “Installing Update.” And then it hit me, when do I get an update? Everything gets an update these days, phones, computers, ipads. How come I don’t get one? What about you, do get an update?


Well, my watch got updated and then it graciously allowed me to start running. I soon forgot my latest obsession and waddled down the trail.


And off I went.

Do you have a watch that gets updated? I didn’t think I did until the other day.

5 thoughts on “Installing Update

  1. DrillerAA

    Like you, most everything I own gets updated but me…and Lord knows I could use a few new parts. Well, if a pacemaker counts, then I got an update earlier this year and if knee replacements count, I know that those are in my future.
    Of course, not every update is a good thing. Just ask Apple about iOS8!

  2. Anne Paley

    I’ve got two knees if those count. In fact one of my knees is now so old, it’s getting ready for another replacement – it’s all of 15 years old. My new one is still working itself in, that’s only one year old.

    Unlike others, I do still wear a watch. Not quite sure why as I’m not ruled by Father Time any more – a habit I guess. I think I’d be lost if I couldn’t glance at it, look at it but rarely bother about the time it’s telling me. I’m discovering that older people are weird – we do the oddest things..

  3. Barb

    What! You need to be drinking water! Yep – my Garmin just got updated, too. Too bad I can’t plug myself in and have little overhauls to work out the kinks.

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