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Skywatch Friday – Reading Partner Sky

Brand new Route 66 attraction in Tulsa. I love it. It emerges out of the ground with all sorts of loops and whoops. This is on the morning sun east side.

So I forget whether I shared this little bit of information yet or not on this humble little page of mine. I am retiring at the end of April this year. I’ll have 43 years in the natural gas business and that seems enough to me. And so I want to go do other things. Things that don’t involve meetings especially, things that involve helping people directly. Like those guys at Home Depot, you know what I mean. You say excuse me but I want to blah, blah, blah blah, and they say well you are going to have to have this, this, and this and you need to watch make sure that blah, blah, blah. I like that, on your feet, helping people. Only problem is that I am a piss poor handyman if you want to know the truth. So I need to do something else.

This is on the shady west side.

So a few months ago I got on the advisory board of the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition. Urban Wilderness is something I can get into and have enjoyed my experiences so far. We had a meeting a brewery and meetings are not too bad if you have a beer to sip on.

And from the southeast.

So the other thing is I signed up with an outfit that helps grade school kids learn to read. It’s called Reading Partners and it involved working an hour a week with a particular child helping them learn to read. That is something I can get into. I may not be the greatest Dad in the world but I read to my son Logan a lot. Almost every single night of his life from the night we brought him home from the hospital to when I told him at age eight or so that he was on his own with the Pokemon books. When I read to him I sold it as much as I could. I used different voices and emphasized inflection and tried to be as silly and goofy as I could. I have learned that little kids like goofy a lot.

And straight south. Strangely enough I like this vantage point the best.

So I heard about this organization and thought that what better thing can I do for somebody than helping them learn to read. Reading is such a gateway to the world. So the other day I went to east Tulsa for an orientation. Afterward I decided to proceed with it and they asked if I would mind working with a child in their highest need school. Nope, that is what I am here for. So I am not sure what I am got myself in for but next comes an introduction to the child I’ll be working with and then four sessions with coaching. Wish me well!! I think I can handle it. I am not a natural with children but I’m going to give it my best shot.

I decided it needed a bit more motion. I love my iphone apps.

Be thinking about me!! This structure, a Route 66 gateway on the east side of Tulsa is close to where the orientation was and where the school I will be working with the child is located. Hey if you have any other ideas for retirement gigs that involve directly helping people let me know!!

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