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The Kid Bows Out and Other Happenings this Weekend


Last Friday was Logan’s last performance with the Laughing Matter Teen Improv Group at the Clark Youth Theater here in Tulsa. He is aging out of the program. Heather and were trying to figure out how long he has been with the program. We think that it has been about eleven years but we are not sure. What kind of crappy parents are we anyway??


He’s really enjoyed it and it has been fun watching the other kids grow up also. We are going to miss it. He hasn’t really started looking at what’s available for him now in the community but we’ll keep you posted. He just finished his first year of college and did very well. His mother and I are pleased.


The kids have really blossomed. Maybe they blossomed too much. They are an independent bunch and I think that is a good thing.


Saturday morning we did our cat rescue gig at the the Petsmart in Broken Arrow. We have gotten kind of fond of the cats and are happy that they all eventually get adopted.


There were three new ones Saturday morning. The one above is a male that got caught in a fence and some asshat shot him with a bb gun. He’s a sweetie but he is a little traumatized by his new surroundings. He’ll make somebody a great cat.


After the cat gig Heather and Logan went home and I went geocaching. I’ll post in detail about it later but I bushwahacked for 0.3 miles through the woods alongside the Verdigris River looking for a geocache. All told I spent two hours  on that gig and didn’t find it. Three ticks found me though! The cache above is one I found later. I guess that I can find them if they are painted pink and have yellow caution tape so that I don’t trip over it. Yep, I love geocaching whether I find them or not.


We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy II later on. Heather and Logan loved it, and me I was just confused. Still am. We did build a fire in the patio and chill out for a bit afterward though.


Sunday was a work day at the house. Logan and I mowed the yard. Heather “amended” the soil. I got my chainsaw down and cut down a volunteer tree in the greenbelt behind the fence. We got a lot done, heathen pagans that we have turned into.


Later on we went to Nana’s house (Nana is the world’s greatest MIL) and grilled burgers and chilled. That’s Nana’s dog Reba above. She is my model for chilling.

And that’s a wrap on the weekend. How was yours?

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Overnight Retreat and Pub Crawl

Saturday afternoon we dropped the kid off at Nana’s house and Heather and I headed downtown for a little parents night out action. We checked in at a swanky hotel and then headed to the Brady District for dinner at Sisserou’s.

Alan at Sisserous

We had some great shrimp appetizers and a salad a couple of fru-fru cocktails. We had a nice relaxing time.


Afterwards we took a stroll around the Brady District and Guthrie Green and chatted with some friends.


And then we hopped in the car and drove over to the Blue Dome District to see if would could catch some live music. First though we stopped in at McNellies for a pint. I love that place.


We checked out a couple of other places that were supposed to have live music but the vibe wasn’t quite right or it was way too smoky, like at Arnie’s Bar. So we went to the Dust Bowl Lanes and had another pint. During our walking around me and coworker said hello.

Mayo Rooftop Bar Prairie Artisian Ales

So then it was like what the heck lets head back to the hotel. They have a fabulous rooftop bar so we just stayed up there and watched the people and enjoyed the breeze. We had a great time although we may have stayed up a little later than usual.

Sunday morning, we slept in and walked to a restaurant, ate a nice breakfast. The waitress recognized us from the Blue Dome Diner that we used to frequent about three years ago. That is Tulsa. You can’t get away from anything here. The biggest small town I’ve ever lived in.

And then it was time to retrieve the kid an get back to real life.