Overnight Retreat and Pub Crawl

Saturday afternoon we dropped the kid off at Nana’s house and Heather and I headed downtown for a little parents night out action. We checked in at a swanky hotel and then headed to the Brady District for dinner at Sisserou’s.

Alan at Sisserous

We had some great shrimp appetizers and a salad a couple of fru-fru cocktails. We had a nice relaxing time.


Afterwards we took a stroll around the Brady District and Guthrie Green and chatted with some friends.


And then we hopped in the car and drove over to the Blue Dome District to see if would could catch some live music. First though we stopped in at McNellies for a pint. I love that place.


We checked out a couple of other places that were supposed to have live music but the vibe wasn’t quite right or it was way too smoky, like at Arnie’s Bar. So we went to the Dust Bowl Lanes and had another pint. During our walking around me and coworker said hello.

Mayo Rooftop Bar Prairie Artisian Ales

So then it was like what the heck lets head back to the hotel. They have a fabulous rooftop bar so we just stayed up there and watched the people and enjoyed the breeze. We had a great time although we may have stayed up a little later than usual.

Sunday morning, we slept in and walked to a restaurant, ate a nice breakfast. The waitress recognized us from the Blue Dome Diner that we used to frequent about three years ago. That is Tulsa. You can’t get away from anything here. The biggest small town I’ve ever lived in.

And then it was time to retrieve the kid an get back to real life.

8 thoughts on “Overnight Retreat and Pub Crawl

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, that sounds like a fun evening and we all need those from time to time — me too!! Your pics for the day say it all — FUN!! Hope you have a great week!!

  2. Driller's Place

    Parents need to plan an occasional night out for themselves. The whole family will benefit when mom and dad show that they still like being alone with one another. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Jenn Jilks

    What fun! Date nights are excellent, especially when you have children and actually work for a living! We do daycations and lunches out now!!!!

  4. Barb

    A night on the town and a late breakfast is just what parents need now and then to recharge. Looks like fun – Bob and I are heading to Denver this weekend for a little getaway (though actually we’ll be seeing kids and grandkids). PS I never knew you were Hawaiian, Yogi…

  5. Amy

    hope you guys had a great time. Here in NZ a pub crawl usually means visiting different pubs in one night and people can end up quite messy lol.

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