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Logan is Back from Falls Creek


A few minutes after midnight the church buses pulled up at the parking lot bringing the kids home from Falls Creek summer camp.


Big hustle and bustle as the kids unloaded out of the bus and searched for the family and luggage.


There he is! All safe and sound with a big smile on his face. He had a good time. Got to know some other kids and was very happy with his experience.


Of course I checked his camera. It looked like he was having a really really good time.


And a serious time. Do you detect a note of homesickness here? No, I don’t either. That is okay.


He has lots of other pics. If he ever gets out of bed I will see if he would like to write a guest post about his time at Falls Creek. Heather is making pancakes right now. If that doesn’t get him out of bed, nothing will.