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Back to School and Off Work

I’m on a 9-80 schedule at my office. That means that I work 80 hours every two weeks over 9 days and get every other Friday off. I love the schedule. It gives me an extra day off every two weeks, all year long. During the summer when SuperPizzaBoy is not in school it gives us an extra day together. It is really nice though during the school year. Then I get my day off with Sweetie. I mean I love SPB but I like spending time with just me and Sweetie also.


So Friday was my first 9-80 day since school started. Sweetie and I didn’t do much. We helped set up the lower school book fair. SPB is in the upper school but hey, we are helpful folks. Actually Sweetie is the helpful one and I was just tagging along.

#fridacation #fromwhereisit #atthemovies with Heather recliners!

Then we went to see Woody Allen’s new movie Blue Jasmine. Oh, it is a great movie but also very raw and heavy. But hey, the theater is in the midst of a renovation and they are installing these deluxe recliners in the auditoriums. I’m taking my snuggie next time! Do you have these where you live? I much recommend them.

Now this is a hot #steaming cup of #coffee

Then we went to lunch at Kosmos on Peoria in Brookside.

#doubleexposure #crepemyrtle #sun

We picked up SPB from school and brought him home. Sweetie is in making dinner and of course I’m in the yard playing with my Ipod Touch Hipstamatic App. It has a multi-exposure setting so I did the old hand in the sky covering the sun trick and then took a picture of our crepe myrtle blossoms.

#doubleexposure #knockout roses

And then a straight double exposure of the same thing at a slightly different angle. Kind of gives it a dreamy look is what I say. You’re no help in getting dinner ready  is what Sweetie says.

At #guthriegreen listening to #tulsasymphonyorchestra #tulsa #oklahoma

Then we packed up some chairs and the kid (along with his DS of course)(if you don’t know what  a DS is, count yourself as being very lucky, take my word for it!) and headed downtown to see the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra play at Guthrie Green. They played a variety of music from waltzes, to broadway tunes, to movie music. It was great. At the end they played some patriotic music and the there were fireworks!! (We love fireworks.)


And even better it was against the Tulsa skyline.

I’m so glad I figured out how to use the fireworks mode on my camera.

I do feel bad though because I broke my rule against reading the manual. Manuals are for Democrats don’t you think, not hard working Republicans. (Mainly because most Republicans can’t read) (But they do have strong opinions) (I’m just joking folks. I heard rumors of a Republican in Massachusetts who can read. I mean if you choose to believe that there is a Republican in Massachusetts then I guess that it is not hard to make the leap that he or she can read.)


After the concert and fireworks we went to Braums for a little ice cream.

And that is that!!

What did you do today?

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